{Salmeron Maternity} (7/27/16)

Krissy and I were the very best of friends when we were in High School- can't believe as of this year we graduated 10 years ago! YIKES! But, I can say that I was so excited to get a message from this beautiful girl letting me know that her and her husband Vince (umm.. I was there in the golden ages of these two lovebirds' FIRST meeting!) were expecting their very first bundle of joy! Naturally I was even more smitten when she asked me to capture some wonderful lifestyle shots of her ever growing baby bump. :)  I set out to the country to meet up with the Salmeron's at their adorable home where we got down to business. Krissy's baby belly was as perfect as can be and along with some dreamy solo shots we also captured some wonderful moments with their adorable fur baby, Gemma, along the way.  As the sun began to set on an extremely smoky evening (thank you Soberanes fire) we were able to catch the perfect amount of red soaked sunlight to cap off our time together. Thank you for having me Krissy & Vince!  I just cannot wait to meet handsome baby Vance!