{Beauty & The Beast} (4/25/15)

>> Beach Adventures <<

As you may well know by now- two of my favorite humans in this world are little miss Lilly Bumpus and her selfless mother Trisha. I'm always so blessed to spend time visiting with these two when they come to town- and if you know me at all, you know that my camera is never out of reaching distance on any given day. On this evening, in particular, I not only got to run around at sunset with my two favorites, but I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mateo THE BEAST! To see him and Lilly chase each other around and forget all ties to hospital visits, doctors, medicine etc.. and just be unapologetically themselves- made me want to stop time and just live in the moment with these two. They are true inspirations. I'm so blessed to have these people in my life and to see miracles at work every. single. day. <3

Please be sure to check out both Lilly and Mateo's facebook pages to watch the miracles at work yourself. :)

Mateo's Journey:

Team Lilly: